Boron which is technology’s and Turkey’ favourite mineral

It is completely natural, harmless and ecologic product. It’s raw material is produced from boron and 65% of the world’s boron reserves in Turkey.

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From our director ;

Dear customer, Technobor new generation insulation products are in ultimate point of insulation systems technology. Technobor is a trademark aiming at the pallel development of technology in its vision. Moving from the mission that technology can always evolve with respect to nature and the environment, It will produce work connected to this principle in future product planning.

Our company will ensure that our products reach a much wider mass with creator, manufacturer and developer and with its experienced managerial team, It aims to bring its mission and vision to all the global companies in the sector

Our knowledge-based strategy in our organization will always make us a leader. Our main goal is to be a brand that will be model for developing in the sector with our open vision to new ideas parallel to the development process of ourselves and parallel to training processes.

I want you to know Thanks to nanotechnologic minerals and billions of can’t be burned stagnant air chamber in pearlite in our products structures, It is a source of joy for us that you can comfort your loves in their beds.

While our products have passed through dozens of different criteria, they were started production with giving more than expectations. What makes it a miracle production is It’s raw material is produced from boron and 65% of the world’s boron reserves in Turkey and boron makes correspond with the other minerals we used.

With a treatment It ensures heat, sound and water insulation. It doesn’t leave nesting

site for pests. It’s structure keeps pests away and doesn’t kill them. It doesn’t harm pets or people. Technobor can be used 4 seasons. It ensures perfect insulation with its tausands of stagnant air chamber.

With its breating  structure It ensures air cleaning all rooms. It creates perfect living spaces.

Apart from insulation features our product that ensures extreme saving about heating and colding expenditures, It will be irreplaceable in insulation sector with its easy treatment.

We will be working with knowing can be better without thinking reach the perfection.

Technobor products that we think it will be obligatory in following years  will be at your service with many different field solutions with staff focused on continuous improvement. Follow us and our developments from our social media accounts. Take care yourselves,

Ahmet Doğan ÖZDOĞAN

General Manager


With technology’s and Turkey’s most important mine, Boron, in all insulation business, with developed and best technology, for sake of all of our customers, natural, healthy, ecologic and miroculous product that we’re making the production of it. Our mainprinciple is making the production of this product to increase its environmental social responsibility principles. With our healthy and ecologic products we’re going to increase the living quality of humanity and we’re going to create safer living areas.


We as Technobor ;
– Incombustible
– Breathing
– Healty and ecologic
– Easy to implement
– Fuel saving
We will people a product that with insulating systems, accepted in the world, making production over the local and internationel standarts, serving fot people with Turkey’s best mine, Boron, leoder, high tech,that is a need in this sector, and totally domestic.