Boron which is technology’s and Turkey’ favourite mineral

It is completely natural, harmless and ecologic product. It’s raw material is produced from boron and 65% of the world’s boron reserves in Turkey.

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It is a nanotechnological product

Technobor uses nanotechnology in its new generation of insulation plastics products. In this way, all the walls of your room breath, cleans the air and provides a living environment suitable for human life. With its intelligent nano structure, it sticks to your wall and has a life as long as the building life. It provides fire isolation up to 1100 oC.<br /> It is suitable for 4 seasons usage and it provides heat, sound and water isolation with a single product. Protect you from dampness thanks to its natural water pushing structure

It is a A1 class incombustible product

Technobor new generation insulation plastics products have flame and fire resistance of 1100 ° C. Flammable and carcinogenic gases never release. it is the top class A1 fireproof feature. According to the fire regulations, it is obligatory to use A1 class materials in high and mass housing. According to the directive, class A1 materials do not contribute to burning at any stage of the burn, including fully developed fire.

It is a breathing product

Thanks to the nanotechnology of natural structure, Your walls and all your rooms breath. It cleans the air and It creates appropriate living space an thus It never makes moisture, mould and stink. it will extend the life of your building.

It is an ecologic product

It is completely natural, harmless and ecologic product. It’s raw material is produced from boron and 65% of the world’s boron reserves in Turkey. It does not release CO that causes global warming. There is no petrochemical flammable or carcinogenic substances in it.
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It enables heat insulation

The building can be used in 4 seasons suitable for heat regulation. The building is cold in summer and warm in winter. It does not form a heat bridge. In all buildings, application is made on interior, exterior, floor and roofs. It will reduce your heating expenses, and your electrical bills for cooling will also save a lot of money.

It enables sound insulation

Technobor insulation plaster, which provides 26dB / 500hz sound insulation, is especially preferred in hotels and public housing. Thanks to thousands of porous chambers in its natural components, it provides superior sound insulation.

It enables water insulation

Thanks to It’s breathing and nanotechnologic feature, It protect your building from rain and moisture. Exterior insulation is waterproof. It is impervious to water from capillary cracks. Provides excellent water insulation on terrace and horizontal surfaces.

It protects against pests

Thanks to it’s aura It keeps pests away from building and prevent their homing. It doesn’t leave nesting site for pests. It’s structure keeps pests away and doesn’t kill them. It doesn’t harm pets or people

It is economic product

The life of the product is equivalent to the life of the building and it does not require reapplication, thus saving usage. It is economical because it provides heat, light and water isolation in a single unit. As it keeps warm in winter, cool in summer, it provides fuel saving up to 50% in heating and cooling expenses.

Easy to apply

Technobor Technological Insulation products can be applied with steel trowel or spraying machine.

Provides Energy Saving

TechnoBor is an ecological and organic product that saves energy. In accordance with the Regulations, savings on average 50% - 75% of the expenditure on heat insulation, heating and cooling purposes and it keeps cool in summer and warms better in winter.

It does not weight to the building

The lightness of the buildings against the earthquake is very important.<br /> Because civil engineers know that; The effect on the earthquake is as much as the weight of the building. Because TechnoBor is a very light material, it reduces the building's static load and does not load the building. Therefore, it also increases the resistance of the building to earthquake<br />
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